Pubs in York

Pubs in York… take a historic pub crawl!

England is well known for its historical pubs, some dating back to the middle ages. What better place to do a historic pub crawl than York?

As one of England’s most historical cities, there are plenty of pubs in York worth a visit.

Ye Olde Starre Inn at Stonegate is one of our favourite pubs in York. You can’t go any further than here for fantastic food, a great atmosphere and the time of your life. Not only that, but being the oldest pub in the city, Ye Olde Starre Inn holds real historical significance. [Read more…]

The Shambles in York

Mediaeval Butchers, cobbles and Elizabethan architecture… visit The Shambles in York

The Shambles is one of the most ancient streets in Europe. Dating back more than 900 years, the mediaeval street is mentioned in the Domesday Book under its Latin name, In Macello.

The Shambles York

Also one of the most famous streets in Europe, The Shambles, York, is the destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world each year.

The laneway, with its cobbles and quaint buildings, is a near perfect example of mediaeval tudor architecture which today is home to hundreds of shops aimed at the city’s thriving tourism market.

The name “Shambles” comes from the Saxon “Fleshammels”, which means, “the street of the butchers”, for it was here that Yorks butchers market was located. Notice the wide window sills of the houses; the meat for sale was displayed here. [Read more…]

Great Keppel Island Fun in the Sun

Great Keppel Island… Fun in the Sun!

Only 30 minutes drive from Rockhampton and a short boat ride from the beautiful Capricorn Coast lies Great Keppel Island.

A majestic mass of sand and sun, Great Keppel Island is home to a wide selection of native Australian wildlife. Eat lunch surrounded by dozens of beautiful, brightly coloured parrots and explore the island as the possums come out to play by night, scurrying close to you in the hope of a feed. [Read more…]

Birdies are big on this golf course

The birdies are big on this golf course
By Tony Walsh

A new addition to the sights and sounds on the 36 hole golf course at Rydges Capricorn Resort on the Central Queensland Coast is a pair of brolgas that has taken up residence on the fairways and greens. But the resident Golf Pro, David Roche is unfazed by the new addition to the animal kingdom.

“They are a beautiful, large bird and add another dimension to the extensive wildlife species that already call the resort courses home,” David said as he looked at the pair of brolgas walking casually across the 17th green.

The brolgas are commonly called [Read more…]

Fantastic Fishing and Morning Glory

For a fantastic fishing resort experience, head to none other than Queensland, Australia. Be ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Fantastic Fishing and a Morning Glory
By Tony Walsh

“It’s no use whingeing about the service around here,” Ray Atherinos muttered as he gestured towards the glass-fronted fridge filled with frosty beer. “There isn’t any! The bar is open all the time and works on an honour system. Just take what you want and write it in the book.”

What an introduction to Sweers Island, a fishing resort set in the Gulf of Carpentaria off the north-west Queensland coast in northern Australia.

As an after thought, Ray added, “Even if we had the money to pay a full-time barman, I doubt we could keep him here in the shed. He would want to go fishing all the time like the rest of us.”

Fishing is what brought Ray and his mate, Tex Battle, to the island in the first place in the early seventies and continues to keep them there. Guests would not be too far wrong if they get the feeling they are there to [Read more…]

Didgeridoo – Boondall Wetlands Adventure

Didgeridoo – Boondall Wetlands Adventure
By Suzy Young

Somewhere between a growl and a moan, the sound of a didgeridoo is unique. Like Scottish bagpipes, South American pan pipes and the Indian sitar, the didgeridoo is an ancient instrument which instantly evokes a specific cultural landscape; that of the Australian bush and its first people.

For John Bowden, former high scool science teacher from Brisbane, it’s a pathway to a deeper understanding between black and white Australians and between Australians and the rest of the world.

John is white but has played the didge for 27 years, as a rock musician, [Read more…]